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March 15, 2011

Abraham Hicks: January 2011

Here’s a transcript of an amazing Abe-Session. You might want to grab a cup of tea because this is a LONG one!! 😀
(Thank you to MiAlma on the Abeforum)

“To talk less and feel more; to defend never and praise only. To find things that feel good and savor them with your eyes. To take them in for you, for you, for you, for you, for you. Take it in for you. Take it in for you. Take it in for you. Not to help another, not to uplift another, not to hype another, not to talk another into it, not to try to bring somebody from where they’re not to where they want to be, or from where they’re not to where YOU are. Are you hearing what we’re saying?

H: Yeah.

A: Just get there and be there and stay there and practice the vibration of it and be in your Vortex and let the Vortex do the work of it and you stand in constant verbal acknowledgement of what’s coming to you. In other words, let your vocabulary be about, ‘well that was nice and that was beautiful and that was good and thank you so much’. Let yourself be one who articulates your awareness of the good that is coming, but who is in no way defending or justifying or rationalizing the good that hasn’t come yet that you want to come. Can you feel the distinction?

H: Yeah.

A: As you get there – and many of you are there – and you stay there and you milk it and you let yourself practice with others, as someone tries to draw you into a conversation, and you look at the expression on their face and you can tell, whether when you get in you’re going to like it or not (laughter), and instead of going in,you just stand in your own ownership of your own vibration with your own Inner Being, and you just radiate to them no matter who they are or where they are or what they’re talking about, you just radiate your appreciation for where they are but in your mind your say to yourself, just for a little while, it’s irrelevant to me. It’s irrelevant to me. I’m not looking for your guidance. I’m not looking for your harmony. I’m not looking for your approval. I’m not looking for your allegiance. I’m not looking for your following. I’m not looking for your approval,your approval,your approval your approval. I’m just standing here being the “radiator” of who I am.

So what we’ve just talked about here, in the best way that we’ve ever talked about it, in the fullest most emphatic culmination that we’ve ever come to; we’re talking about you deliberately – the hard way or the easy way – achieving vibrational alignment with who you are. Where you’ve allowed your Vortex to train your vibration upward where the cooperative components that will surprise and delight you on every subject in your life will now reveal themselves to you one at a time, one at a time, one at a time and as each one of them comes, smile and feel proud of the confirmation that you’ve just received of the absolute worthiness of your being. You are the creator of your experience but we want to say in a way that you may have never heard before, you are the “allower” of the good that you long time ago created and from our perspective it is high time that you allow the good that you have long time ago created to manifest into your experience. Now the interesting thing about all of this is, is that as it manifests it will give you a confirmation of worthiness in a way that nothing else can. In other words, that feeling that humans call worthy, rest with it for just a minute. What it is, it is a feeling of syncing up with the knowledge of your value. And when you sync up with whatever you’ve put into your Vortex, everything around you must demonstrate that vibration, everything around you! So optimum everything that matters to you must reveal itself to you when you are in that place and cannot come UNTIL you are in that place, you see. But once you find it and you milk it and you practice it – and you practice it in silence, not in conversation – you practice it in the absence of words. In other words, take the words and whittle them down to feelings, find that general place and allow the Source within you, in other words, so often you’re listening for the words to come, you’re listening for the word to be spoken, you’re wanting the lottery number or you’re wanting to be led to the right person. You’re listening for the words and all along your Inner Being has never spoken to you in words; your Inner Being speaks to you through vibration and the vibration is translated to you through emotion, and if you will take yourself back to that emotional place, reaching for the love of you, reaching for the wholeness of you, reaching for the knowing of you, reaching for the worthiness of you, reaching for the appreciation of you, as you find it and milk it and stay there as you have because we have captivated your attention and we’ve stayed upon this vibrational place for long enough that if you’ve been paying any attention at all you are you’re vibrationally there right now. What will happen is you’ve been tuned to your Vortex and everything that is in your Vortex is already making it’s way to you. And your work over the next few days is to observe what’s coming and to smile silently to yourself, not crowing to any other and not making a big deal out of it, but smiling silently to yourself as you watch the Universe cater to you lovingly, yielding to you the details that you have identified one at a time. There is nothing that makes you know your worthiness more than to have something that you asked for delivered to you. Not because you beat your brains out, not because you justified it by jumping through hoops and pleasing anyone else but simply because you found the Vibrational attitude of it and practiced it until you owned it and then nothing less than that can be your experience, you see. So then you begin to notice those who are a Vibrational match to that which you are in the various aspects of your life. You’ll notice someone moving in their physical body and even though you know nothing else about them, the Law of Attraction will draw your interest to them as confirmation of how you feel relative to physical things. Law of Attraction will yield to you information about dynamic financial enterprises which will be your indication that you’re on that wavelength and the Law of Attraction and the Source within you is rendezvousing you with that, in other words, what we’re talking about here is finding the feeling of it absent of any manifestation for yourself and feeling the appreciation of the thought rendezvous in the same way that you want to feel appreciation for the manifestational rendezvous. Are you still with us? In other words, we’re really out here on the leading edge of thought and many of you are wondering, so what’s next? Are we really trying to deconstruct thought to the point of deconstructing word, to the point of deconstructing manifestation altogether and we say only temporarily are we encouraging you in this deconstruction process because in the deconstruction of the thoughts that you’ve been thinking the most you will find the alignment of the energy that is within you and as you begin to build forward from that energy of alignment what will begin to happen is all of the things that you’ve incrementally put into your Vortex will show themselves to you as evidence. So here is what we want you to watch for over the next few days. We want to ask some questions of you, we’re at the ending here, but listen to these questions and see how the answers flow through your mind because you understand this – we can feel that you do – we just want you to confirm to yourself that you’ve got this. So when you’ve managed to bring yourself into alignment with what’s in your Vortex and you’ve practiced the vibration of it significantly enough that it is a dominant vibration within you, these are the things that you can then expect to happen. Things that usually are awkward or a bit of a struggle for you, aren’t. Things that you’ve had a hard time remembering, you have an easy time remembering. Things that you’ve put away and can’t remember where you’ve put them, will be easy for you to find. Your physical body will be more in touch with itself and your coordination will be more apparent to you. You’ll feel more stamina in your physical body and more ease and flow as you move. Aches and pains that you occasionally notice, from minor to severe, will be less severe, less severe, less severe, and almost immediately nonexistent because they have been indicators of resistance that is now for the most part a thing of the past. Ideas will begin flowing to you at the right time. That sensation of needing to write things down and remember them will no longer be a strong sensation within you because you’ll find yourself at the grocery store remembering everything that you want, or talking with a friend, remembering everything that you meant to discuss or writing an e-mail, remembering everything that is pertinent, or creating something in the kitchen and knowing exactly how to go about it. In other words, these things that you’ve been sort of stumbling over or hiccuping over are just going to smooth themselves out. You’re going to begin to describe to yourself a feeling of more ease and flow in your life experience. So the first thing that will begin to happen is the edge will disappear, the awkward, uncomfortable edge, and you’ll find yourself just feeling better about life experience. Ideas will begin to occur to you, ideas that are strong enough that you will feel an impulse to act upon them and when you do follow through with the action – because it will feel a little bit uncomfortable NOT to – the action will give you immediate pay off. You’ll find that you’ll have better connection when you send an email. The email answer that you’re looking for will come right back. You’ll find when you’re placing the telephone call, whether its for technical support or to place an order for something or any of the number of things that you might do, that the other person that you are calling will be on the other end of the phone when you call. You’re going to feel so much time trimmed off of all of these things. When you get in your vehicle your cognitive awareness of what’s going on around you will be supreme, so much so that it’s like you’ll have insight into
what everyone else is doing. You’ll be better at picking the lanes, you’ll be better at picking the timing. Everything in your life is going to begin to move more smoothly. This is just as a minimum. This is today and tomorrow. In other words, this is what’s going to happen as the result of the alignment and the raising of vibration that’s already taken place within you, but before you know it – within a week or two or three – things that have been out of balance will begin to come into balance. Money that hasn’t been there will be there, ideas will begin to flow to you but not just ideas, people will come to you with offers, job openings will begin to happen for you. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time. You’ll FEEL an impulse to buy the lottery ticket and when you do there will be money at the end of it. In other words, it will be a feeling, it will be guidance that’s coming forth from a place of knowing, not guidance that’s coming forth from a place of hoping, or guidance that’s coming forth from a place of knowing what’s going wrong. Guidance that comes from this supreme place where your Inner Being stands who knows – we’re not kidding you – who knows everything about who you are and what you have become vibrationally and knows the specific path from where you are to it, and that path, that specific path, that will surprise and delight you around every corner, the path itself being more important than the destination that you’re reaching for. The Source within you knows all of that. We’re feeling appreciation beyond verbal comprehension or expression, for your willingness to stay here with us, focused in this way into these far-reaching new places of vibrational understanding.

This has been a remarkable day, and what you don’t understand cognitively, you do understand vibrationally. In other words: Your Vibration is in a new place. Your Vibration is in a new place. Your Vibration is in a new place. Your Vibration is in a new place. Your Vibration is in a new place. Everything in the universe is now going to respond to you differently than it ever has before: your pets, your children, your friends, your lovers, your acquaintances, and the plethora of strangers who cross your path everyday. You are not the same person who has been walking around; you’re vibrationally different. And with every notice you take of the improvement in your co-creative interaction with the others who share your planet, every time you acknowledge it, an angel will get it’s wings (FUN, laughter, applause). You will feel the in-the-moment enthusiasm that the Source within you feels in your conscious awareness of the connection to the improvement that you are witnessing, all day every day. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities for you to acknowledge that. Meanwhile, the Vortex is spinning like it always has, and your Inner Being stands within it like it always does and the summoning of you is never ceasing, it is always calling you forward; the difference is you are going to hear the call of your Source in ways that you have not been hearing it before and as a result of that, that calling of Source is going to distract you from the other things that you have been doing and so the result of that is, it just gets better and better and better and better and better and better and better. There is nothing that you’re supposed to do, but there are all kinds of things you want to do. And The Universe is a benevolent “yielder”and all things are possible. Take your time. Be easy about it. Count your blessings. And acknowledge the existence of the Vortex and make your chronic statement of intent to be there: ‘I’m in this physical body, I know I’m in this physical body, but I also know I’m an extension of Source energy and the Source energy part of me is in the Vortex and that’s where I intend to be. Today, no matter where I am going and no matter what I am doing and no matter who I am doing it with, it is my dominant intent is to let everything around me be irrelevant and the only thing that IS relevant, is the joy in my heart, over which I have complete and utter control.’

There is great love for you and as always,we remain in the Vortex. (Cheers and enthusiastic applause)”

– Abraham – Los Angeles January 2011