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December 29, 2010

Feeling limited/Habits of behaviour

I’m currently home with my family. Which is not something that occurs very often. Even though I’m just 18, I haven’t spend much time with at home (I was living abroad) let alone with my family. But I’m not the exception, my siblings are scattered all over the world. It’s just how we roll, I suppose. My parents used to say that we were born on packed suitcases as most of us seemed to have a natural curiosity and great interest in other countries.

Anyway, so we’re having some sort of family reunion at the moment. Some of us haven’t seen each other for years or months at a time.

I realize that I’m behaving differently. Being away from home, I could present myself as I wanted to.  I didn’t try to please anyone; I was independent of the good opinion others have of me.

I notice about myself, that I don’t feel as joyful as I was before I arrived here. I think this place just has so much memories, plus everyone already has a picture of how I was/am supposed to be.